Gift Ideas For Guys For Any Occasion

By Logan Espinoza

Valentine’s Day has come and gone but here are gift ideas for any occasion for the guys in your life.

 1.A basket full of sports gear. If your boyfriend is an athlete, get him a basket full of items for the sports he plays. For example, if he plays football get him eyeblack or a pair of gloves.

 2. If he has a car get him some car accessories. Get him something that reminds him of you, maybe like a picture he can put on his keys or LEDs to put around his car.

3. You can also get him jewelry. You can get him a new chain or even a matching bracelet, necklace or ring.  You can get him something to remind him of you. 

4. If he is into taking pictures or making TikToks you can get him a ring light. He will be able to take pictures and videos with better lighting in the background.

5. One thing that every boy would enjoy is a new pair of shoes. A pair of shoes that fit his style such as a pair of Nikes or Jordans. Surprise him with the pair of shoes he has been wanting for a while.

6. Another thing that you can get him is something for his gaming system. You can get him a new headset, controller, and new games.Your could also get him a gift card to buy Xbox live or Playstation plus.

7.A basket full of his favorite foods or snacks is something easy and simple that every guy would enjoy. Add in there a gift card to his favorite place to eat.

8. You could enjoy a romantic dinner at his favorite place. If the guy is always paying the best thing you can do is treat him to a nice dinner. 

9. A day all about him as in take him to his favorite places to shop or places to eat. 

10. Get him a hat with your initials on the side of the hat. Make sure the hat matches his style also.

Logan is a 2nd year Media Tech student. He is a reporter, anchor, and producer for Real TV.


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