Super Bowl LV: Out with the Old in with the New

By Shamar Winston

Shamar has been in the Media Tech program for 4 years. He is a reporter and anchor for Real TV.

For nearly 20 years Tom Brady has dominated the Nation Football League with 9, soon to be 10, Super Bowl appearances, and 6 wins under his belt. Many consider him to be the GOAT. But with many new kids on the block, it seems like his reign may be coming to an end sooner than later. 

With the new talented quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Justin Hubert, it is becoming more and more obvious that 43-year-old Brady’s time is coming to an end. But who will take the crown? After an unreal 2020 season throwing for almost 5,000 yards, 38 touchdowns, and not to mention being the QB of the defending Super Bowl Champion team, it seems like only one person could take the crown away from King Brady… Mr. Patrick Mahomes. Since his first start in 2018, Patrick Mahomes has put the Chiefs on his back and has not stopped running; throwing for over 4,000 yards and over 25 touchdowns each season, he has shown that he can be put in the make-it or break-it situations and get the job done. With Mahomes signing a 10-year contract to stay in Kansas City through 2031 it seems like we’re seeing a new dynasty being formed in Kansas City similar to what Brady did for New England. 

Even with all his accomplishments so far, the question becomes will Mahomes be able to measure up to Brady during the rest of his career? Brady’s impact on the game has been nothing but BIG. You don’t hold the record for Super Bowl wins, 4 MVP awards, over 17,000 career passing yards, over 550 TDs, and the title of GOAT for no reason after all. Tom Brady took a team that was barely making the playoffs during the late 90s to a team that was synonymous with winning and leading them to their first Super Bowl win forming a dynasty that stretched 20 years. 

Brady has been the standard for the last 2 decades being the very inspiration to the younger QBs he plays against. There’s no teaching that type of greatness and influence. While they are two different styles of QBs, Brady being more traditional and Mahomes doing anything from no-look passes, they are both exceptional players and leaders alike. As the season is coming to an end it looks like we’re going to get our answer soon on the best stage in the world. Will Mahomes be able to take the crown from Brady and formally establish his dynasty or will Brady continue his reign? On Sunday we’ll be sure to find out if it’s out with the old and in with the new.


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