Making your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

By Abigail LaPoint

We can all agree that 2020 was a crazy year. Most of us wre ready for it to be over with, including myself! With the ending of the year comes the ball dropping at 12 am, and a whole 365 days of opportunity approaching. The tradition of choosing a New Year’s Resolution has been around for decades. Choosing what you are going to change or improve is the easy part. The tough part is actually sticking with it throughout the year. 

Whether your resolution has to do with bettering your personality, quitting a bad habit, or taking up a new hobby, there’s surefire ways to make sure you stay up for the challenge. According to, there are many tips. 

They first suggest starting small. Don’t aim too high, and pick a small goal you believe you can keep. It needs to be attainable, but also don’t think too simple, or you’ll find yourself without any change.

The second tip is to change one behavior at a time.  Making multiple big resolutions isn’t recommended, because it would make focusing on accomplishing them individually harder. Only change one behavior at a time and you’ll find it easier to keep your resolution. 

Talking about your goal is important as well, whether it’s to family members, friends, or on social media. It will make you more comfortable completing your goal and less intimidating when you have support. Don’t feel bad if you need to ask for help! 

Need ideas for a resolution? says the most popular ones include exercising more, getting organized, saving more money, spending more time with family and friends, and traveling more. Apply these with the tips from above, and you’ll be off to a great start to 2021.

Remember that choosing a New Year’s resolution is for your own benefit. Don’t feel forced and don’t pick something you won’t want to do, because you want to be able to enjoy your new year as well.  For everyone who chooses to use these tips, the best of luck to you, and a Happy New Year to all!

Abby has been in the Media Tech program for 3 years. She is a reporter, anchor, and producer for Real TV.

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