Traveling Over the Holidays

By Makaila Porter

Makaila Porter is in her second year in the Media Tech program.

The holiday season is a time filled with love and joy. It’s when families travel from all over to spend time with their loved ones who they don’t get to see very often. But the 2020 holiday season brings along some bad news: It might not be the best idea for you to visit your far away family this year.

The CDC says travelling throughout states can easily spread COVID, especially if you are travelling to or from a hotspot, like Charleston. If you have to travel to a different state it is safest to drive by car so you are not exposed to a large amount of other people travelling. If you stop at a rest station or anywhere on the way, make sure to wear your mask and hand sanitizer. 

Large gatherings are discouraged by the CDC. We all want to see our families that we don’t get to see often, but that requires us to be around many people, from many different areas, which is not the safest idea in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. 

You may get stuck in the place you are visiting for longer than expected. If, by some chance, you catch COVID while you are visiting your family, you will have to quarantine yourself. This means that you can’t get back to school to work. 

It’s very tempting to see your family and friends during this time of year. However it can be unsafe, not just for you but also the people around you. You can call or video conference with your family and friends and send gifts through the mail. 

Maybe this year can be the year you relax at home and just give yourself a nice break from the world.  Stay safe and happy holidays!


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